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Magix Sound Pool DVD Collection 11

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Magix Sound Pool DVD Collection 11 Magix offers a cornucopia of royalty-free/copyright-free sound samples with their Sound Pool DVD Collection 11 series. These are more than 7GB of sound samples and loops perfect for any music project. All sounds are standard 44.1kHz .WAV files and compatible with all MAGIX products as well as any third party audio and video software, whether Mac or PC based.

With more than 7,000 loops and samples in CD quality, MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 11 includes an extensive and eclectic collection of musical styles, such as hip-hop, ambient, rock, pop, house and techno all produced exclusively by internationally-renowned producers and top musicians. To find just the right loop, effect, ambient wash, beat or noise, you also get Magix's archiving system for easy access.

Some styles are: "Brazil 66" takes you directly to the Copacabana with accompaniment for voice, saxophone, or as standalone music; "Big Beat" is for remixes and creative sound clashes, as heard from DJ-legend Fatboy Slim; while "Soundtrack" has professional-sounding music beds for personal videos and movies needed to convey feelings of comedy, suspense, romance, drama or action.

With a over 7 GB of sounds on a single DVD, Sound Pool also has 1GB of special effects good for musical compositions or enriching Web sites. MAGIX soundpool DVD collection 11 is priced at $29.99 and available in retail stores and online at

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