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Avid Mbox 2 Pro The Mbox 2 Pro is the next step in portable, high-definition audio/MIDI production systems. Based on the popular Mbox, Mbox 2 Pro connects to your computer over FireWire and works at 24-bit resolution and up to 96kHz sample rates. Professional features are: MIDI Time Stamping, Word Clock I/O, support for up to six simultaneous inputs and eight outputs, dedicated studio monitor outputs and better session file compatibility with Pro Tools TDM systems. Sessions produced on the Mbox 2 Pro will easily "travel" back and forth between larger Pro Tools TDM studio systems without modification or conversion.

A big upgrade from the original Mbox is the Mbox 2 Pro's interface universality. It has two microphone inputs with phantom powering, line level inputs, S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI In/Out jacks, turntable (as in vinyl--remember those things called phonograph records) input jacks, front panel instrument inputs, two FireWire ports, front panel headphone jacks with level control, and Word clock I/O.

Avid Mbox 2 Pro comes with Pro Tools LE software and over 50 effects and instrument plug-ins, including DigiRack plug-ins, Bomb Factory plug-ins, the Xpand! sample-playback/synthesis workstation. You also get the Pro Tools Ignition Pack--everything you could possibly want to record and produce your music anywhere on the planet.

The Mbox 2 Pro Factory version includes an additional five high-quality Avid and Bomb Factory plug-ins worth over $1,000 (if individually purchased), the Mbox 2 Pro system, and an iLok USB Smart Key. Mbox 2 Pro and Mbox 2 Factory sell for $799 and $899, respectively, US MSRP. For more information, visit

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