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McDSP Emerald Pack Emerald Pack is a new bundle that includes every high-end plug-in McDSP has ever made! McDSP was one of the first plug-in companies to make honest-to-goodness great sounding analog-sounding EQs, compressors, limiters and gates for Pro Tools users. The McDSP Filterbank and CompressorBank plugs are "must-haves" for any serious Pro Tools owner who are interested in obtaining great sounding mixes. They are a big part of every session I do in Pro Tools and there are no other plugs that do exactly what these do with such an analog grace and sound.

The bundle has: Analog Channel reproduces the sounds of high-end analog tape machines and analog channel amplifiers--excellent for warming up cranking sounding digital recordings; Revolver is a high-powered convolution reverb that sounds wonderful--just like the spaces it convolves; Channel G is the ultimate channel strip--a "do everything" in one plug; CompressorBank is a reinvention of this solid studio stalwart--now better than ever; FilterBank can emulate any EQ: tube driven or solid-state, vintage or modern for the best carving possible; MC2000 is a high-end multi-band compressor plug-in; Chrome Tone is a guitarist's dream rig--it brings the world of custom guitar amps, boutique outboard gear, and pedal effects in one beauty of a plug-in; and Synthesizer One is a soft-synth with a big fat analog sound and endless programmability via it's simple interface.

The McDSP Emerald Pack plug-ins are for TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite Mac and Win XP (Revolver is currently Mac only) and sells for $2,395. More information is available on McDSP's web site at

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