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Revolver Reverb from McDSP Revolver 1.0 is a convolution reverb RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools HD 7, or LE running on 001,002, or M-Powered systems and Macs running at least 10.4 OS X. Installation and authorization uses the iLok dongle and the plug-in is fully explained in the fine, included manual.

Revolver comes with nearly 200 impulse response samples of actual acoustical spaces, impossible reverbs like inverse, non-linear, gated and fluttery echoes, and the patches of out-of-production hardware reverb units such as spring reverbs and the EMT 250 digital reverb. In effect Revolver lets you use that space or gear in your mix! For a convolution reverb, which usually offers little user programmability, Revolver's Main Gui page offers many controls. You can control attack of the impulse, pre-delay (up to 500ms), equalization, and twin delay lines up to three seconds long.

Furthermore, a three-band EQ can be inserted anywhere in the signal path and there is a 24dB/oct, three-band reverb decay crossover filter network that greatly contours the reverb's sound. There are Wet/Dry control, diffusion, and a special stereo imaging controls and a single big knob you can't miss--it sets the reverb decay time. The Main page also has eight buttons for instant access to the aforementioned parameters using up to eight, large virtual faders.

To assist advanced editing, Revolver's GUI has a window to represent visually 'difficult to describe' reverb parameters in a creatively useful way. Plot shows a graphical view of the equalizer's settings and Flow shows the actual signal chain for the selected reverb patch with toggle switches for EQ on/off--cool! Image shows a picture of the space or the hardware box the sample impulse was taken and the System page keeps track of latency, CPU DSP usage, mode, and reverb tail truncation.

After a trouble-free install into a Pro Tools HD system, I found all the patches wonderfully faithful to their names and editing simply intuitive. I especially like the cathedrals, non-lin, chambers and rooms--especially hard to find good patches in typical synthesized reverb plugs. Revolver is now a mainstay in all my mixes because it sounds like no other reverb and I look forward to adding more (or recording my own) impulses for even more versatility. Learn more and buy at

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