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Shure KSM9 Handheld Wireless Microphone

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Shure KSM9 Handheld Wireless Mic Purpose-built for vocals, the new KSM9/BK is a live microphone with recording studio quality sound. The KSM9 is a dual-diaphragm condenser mic with switchable cardioid/supercardioid polar patterns. But forget about the usual fragilities of studio condensers since this mic is built to take the rigors of stage yet deliver crystal clear vocals.

Some notable features are: excellent gain-before-feedback performance; a two-stage shock mount system that takes care of both vertical and horizontal jolts; and minimal proximity effect (where the closer you sing to a cardioid mic, the more bass buildup you achieve) for a more accurate low frequency response.

Sold as part of Shure's UHF-R wireless system, KSM9 transmitters are available in black (UR2/KSM9/BK) and champagne (UR2/KSM9/SL) finishes (pictured). Replacement cartridges are available in the same respective colors (RPW180 and RPW184).

The UHF-R system takes the hard work out of managing wireless networks with time-saving setup features including automatic frequency selection and automatic transmitter sync. UHF-R enables up to 108 compatible systems to be used simultaneously across multiple bands. There is a sizable 60 MHz useable bandwidth available with no increase of interference made possible by Shure's proprietary Advanced Track Tuning filtering technology. The KSM9/BK wireless mic sells for $1,968 MSRP and for much more about it and the whole UHF-R wireless line, check:

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