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Sony MZ-M200 Hi-MD Recorder

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Sony MZ-M200 Hi-MD Recorder The MZ-M200 follows in the footsteps of Sony's popular field recorder, the MZ-M100. The M200 is a major redesign that includes the ability to record and play both Hi-MD and MD formats simply by inserting the appropriate MiniDisc. The M200 is also USB 2.0 equipped to permit the transfer of audio files to and from a MAC or PC using the included software for both platforms.

I received a unit for testing and found using it to be simple despite its very small size--about the size of a deck of cards. It has an easy-to-read display, large enough buttons, and both a manual and auto record level controls. Plug in the included ECM-DS70P stereo microphone in the top and the whole device will fit in your shirt pocket--perfect for recording lectures, interviews and band rehearsals.

The M200 records up to 94 minutes of 44.1kHz/16-bit uncompressed PCM linear audio (.wav files) on a removable ($7 list price) 1GB Hi-MD disc. If you insert a standard MD disc, expect up to 34 hours of recording time (at 64kbps) using ATRAC3 plus compression. I had no trouble recording and playing back for over four hours on the removable and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery--it quickly snaps into the unit.

The M200 comes with MDR-E0931 ear bud headphones, a microphone extension cable, a wearable remote with LCD display that mirrors the main display, and a battery charger or just use the included USB cable and recharge from your computer--Sweet!

Really the greatest little wonder I've seen for field recording with the least amount of effort and carrying weight that yields excellent, idiot-proof sound quality. The Hi-MD MZ-M200 sells for $439.95 MSRP. For much more go to:

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