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Fishman Aura Imaging Pedals

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Fishman Aura Imaging Pedals One of the more interesting products I saw at the recent Winter NAMM Show was Fishman's Aura Imaging Pedal. Fishman's Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology now comes in an effects pedal allowing acoustic guitarists to accurately reproduce the sound of their instrument as if miked in a professional recording studio.

Digital algorithms are used to create an image of the natural sound that recording engineers, using expensive and rare microphones, capture in the studio. This image, when played through a guitar amp, mixer, or PA, blends with your instrument's pickup to produce an immediate and dramatic improvement in your amplified sound.

Designed for guitars with under-the-saddle or magnetic soundhole pickups, there are six different Aura Pedal models for the major types of acoustic stringed instruments: the Dreadnought model is for standard flat top and full size acoustic models; Concert for smaller body guitars like a 00; midsize OM and auditorium models would use an Orchestra pedal; Jumbo is for large body flat top guitars; the Nylon unit is for classical guitars, and the 12-string model is for, well, twelve-string guitars.

The Aura Pedals use professional-standard, 24-bit A/D D/A converters and 32-bit internal processing yet run on a single 9-volt battery or AC power adapter. Soon Fishman will offer Aura Imaging pedals for other instruments like violin, mandolin, and resonator guitars. For much more about Fishman's Aura Imaging Pedals, check out

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