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How To DVJ from Focal Press A complete digital DJ master class by Charles Kriel, How To DVJ is a comprehensive inside look at this nascent class of club entertainer. In just six chapters coupled with a lot attitude and opinion, you'll get inside of the brain one of Europe's leading DVJs and expert on new media.

Author Kriel starts the reader properly with gear--the right CD and DVD decks or "kit" as he calls it, video cameras, choosing DVDs and CDs, basic beat matching, song sense, loops and cues, and choosing your set. The second chapter focuses on the venue and how to deal with and use the existing sound system. You'll learn about connecting to the club's gear such as video projectors, monitors etc., and finally structuring your sets to fit the club's clientele.

The DVJ Master section is mostly about creating unique and original video content. It seems that the "I've seen that before" factor is deadly for a DVJ--even when certain clips become signature parts of your show--you've got to vary or effect them with every presentation. You'll also come to grips with the different video formats; decide which software to learn; know how to look for videos you can use without getting sued; plus read a motivational interview with Sander Kleinenberg.

"Going All The Way" is a chapter on making your own mix DVD that'll get you noticed amongst club owners. This chapter also offers many ways to get gigs and start your own streaming mix on the Net. The secrets of digital scratching are covered in "DVJ Jedi Master". Kriel is a big believer in technology and although he admires "old school" scratching methods, he is more interested in new technologies and software that automate and work similarly but with even better results. "DVJ Zen Master" is a short essay on putting it all together. You let the machines (computers) do what they do but also humanize it through your own vision and style.

With an include DVD disc paralleling the book with seven tutorials, seven movie clips, and recommended software demos, How To DVJ" sells for $49.95 MSRP and for more information, contact Focal Press at

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