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TC Electronic C-300 Preset Compressor/Limiter

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TC Electronic C300 Preset Compressor/Limiter

At $299MSRP, TC Electronic's new C-300 compressor/limiter/gate/expander might be the most cost-effective piece of outboard kit you can buy for your live console or your home studio rig. This single-space unit uses a dual-engine processor and has both analog and digital I/O for easy connection to your analog or digital mixer or DAW. Dual engines and a flexible routing design means that you can process two signals at the same time--i.e. one processor working as a compressor and the other as a expander--or use both processors on the same stereo mix.

The C-300 has 16 compression/limiter presets and 16 gate/expander presets that are programmed and named for their intended use. These make great starting points for further tweaking to arrive at complicated setups quickly. And 'quick' is what makes the C300 perfect for PA and recording setups, DJ rigs, and fixed installations where audio dynamics and transparency are expected instantly.

The C-300 uses spectral compression and intelligent TC full-band and multi-band gating and compression algorithms allowing audio material to be effectively compressed without reducing the overall signal level. The C-300 also includes TC's parallel compression mode making it possible to mix a compressed signal with the dry signal with a single knob. This old studio trick allows the emphasis of low-level detail, bringing out expression and character in vocals and other acoustic sources. For much more about this exciting piece of audio hardware, contact TC Electronic at

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