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Technocore from Big Fish Audio

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Technocore from Big Fish Audio Technocore is, as the title says, for only the hardcore techno music maker. Fabien Renoult, who comes from the hottest part of Euro dance music has written, produced, recorded, and mixed this loop and construction kit DVD.

No rest for the weary here, all the loops range from 128 to 180 BPM with a 145BPM average. The over 600 loops and hits come in three formats: .WAV files, .Rex and in Apple format ready for Garage Band. Each construction kit is also broken down to individual loops of each element of the loop for remixing anyway you'd like.

I like the way the loops are organized and codified into folders. You can easily tell that: 10 148 C#min means there are ten loops at 148 BPM in the key of C# Minor in this folder. The loops are cleanly produced, loud and ready to use in any production. Technocore includes a demo version of Ableton's Live 6 software and sells $99.95. For much more information, contact Big Fish Audio through

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