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XtremeMac MicroMemo XtremeMac makes a whole line of very useful accessories for the Apple iPod®. MicroMemo is a detachable recording system that allows you to record both your voice with the small, included microphone or line level sources such as the output of your sound mixer or computer soundcard.

By using the existing multi-pin interface and 3.5mm audio jacks, MicroMemo "mates" to the bottom of your iPod. This is the cleanest aftermarket piece of gear I've seen--MicroMemo's shape and color even matches the iPod's silver or black finishes. With models for both the silver and black Nano 2G and the larger iPod with Video, MicroMemo is powered by the iPod's battery and is highly recommended by for all things iPod.

The sensitive and detachable microphone has a gooseneck extension so you can aim it at the sound source while keeping the iPod lying flat on your desk. I like the built-in speaker feature located in the MicroMemo's base--you can quickly locate to the section you want to playback without having to put on the earphones.

MicroMemo has a single button for recording and displays the recording time on the iPod's screen in real-time. The MicroMemo records at either CD quality 16-bit audio at a 44.1kHz sample rate or, for four times the recording time (great for long-winded school lectures), at 8-bit at 22.05kHz. The unit saves all files in .WAV format for easy upload to iTunes.

Many more uses come to mind as soon as you hold this system in your hand. You could record lectures, music shows with the mic from the audience or, if you know the soundman, directly from his mixing console. Go covert with a Nano and MicroMemo in your shirt pocket and record conversations for later scrutiny. Instantly record funny talk shows while in the car--it's endless.

The XtremeMac MicroMemo for either the Nano 2G or the full size iPod With Video iPods sell for $59.95. For more information, contact XtremeMac at 866-392-9800 or visit:

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