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Audio-Technica AT2020USB Microphone

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Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Microphone The AT2020USB is a side-address cardioid condenser microphone designed for computer-based recording using any computer's USB port. Perfect for recording anywhere, the AT2020USB works like any studio mic but without the necessity of a microphone pre-amp, phantom power supply or computer audio interface. You can use it with any of the popular recording software from Logic Pro to GarageBand to Propellerheads' Reason. The 'plug n' play' USB connection makes it the ideal field recording, pod casting and voiceover microphone.

While there are other USB mics out there, you'll be getting the proven quality and sound of the critically acclaimed AT2020 with its low self-noise and extended frequency response; it's ready to handle any recording situation. I should also point out that you'll be getting Audio-Technica's state-of-the-art design and manufacturing excellence rather than some piece of junk made by slave labor in a Third-World hell-hole.

The AT2020 USB has a fixed cardioid polar pattern to "zone in" on the desired sound source and reject most of the unwanted background sound and noise. The microphone has been tailored for a very smooth, natural sound while ensuring maximum accuracy.

I tested the 2020USB against another USB dynamic mic. Since the 2020 is a condenser mic, my comparisons might be a little unfair but the other mic costs about the same so here goes. The AT2020USB stood head and shoulders above the other mic in clarity and frequency response. I found the 2020 to be more sensitive (for the same settings in my computer) and rounder in the low frequencies area. It sounds and looks more "professional" and the included stand sits lower on the desk for the proper angling of the mic upward directly at my mouth. I used the mic for recording narration and also for Skype and iChat. People on the other end of my Skype and iChat connections immediately knew I had changed mics and like the new sound.

If you want to greatly improve the sound of your Internet audio or just record as usual into any DAW (I used Bias Peak Pro 5 XT) the AT2020USB is a great way to go. I would recommend it for any kind of recording--be it vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion---anything!

It is ready to work and includes a tripod desk stand, stand mount, USB cable and soft protective carrying pouch. The AT2020 USB sells for $249MSRP and for more information, contact Audio-Technica at:

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