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Badwater Jacknife AXL-021 From AXL Guitars

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Badwater Jacknife AXL-021 From AXL Guitars The Badwater Jacknife's body is a flying "V" shape but it more closely resembles a medieval tool of torture to me. The finish is menacing and highly distressed; it looks like a relic of more primitive times. I especially liked the "broken in" feeling of the neck and the guitar's lightweight solid alder body. The guitar comes in three colors: a crackle brown/white with a reptilian texture; off-white with rust highlights; and my favorite, a trashed, back alley brown.

Additional features are: two EMG-designed Alnico P-90-style pickups, string-thru-body design, antiqued cream pickguard, distressed angled headstock on a maple neck, rosewood fretboard with abalone markers, Tune-O-Matic bridge, plus antiqued and anodized hardware.

Plugged into a good amp is where the Jacknife proves its mettle--I loved the low action and maximum access to the higher frets. The guitar came very well intonated right out of the box and seems to hold tune well despite the included super light-gauge strings. I also liked the simple tone controls, passive EMG pickups, and the great sound when played through my amp in super overdrive mode. The AXL-021 Badwater Jacknife sells for $359.95 and for more information, go to:

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