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Nine Cool Cat Pedals from Danelectro

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You gotta love Danelectro for keeping up with these economic times by offering nine new pedals that start at $29 MSRP! The Cool Cat line is cool indeed and all the pedals are made of metal, use metal jacks and have true bypass switching. The nine are: Tremolo, Vibe, Metal, Metal II, Drive, Transparent Overdrive, Distortion, Chorus, and Fuzz.

We tried out all nine pedals and all worked "as advertised". Our favorites are the Vibe, Tremolo, Chorus and Metal II pedals. Vibe has a good speed and intensity range--from super warbling to very subtle pitch changing. Likewise Tremolo can go from nothing all the way to a very intense, "square wave" on/off tremolo effect using the Hard/Soft switch. Both Tremolo and Pitch produce very clean sound without adding noise. The Chorus model does everything I've heard other pedals do costing much more. It too is clean and beautiful sounding. Lastly, Metal II takes any guitar signal and puts right it into the sound of a huge stack of amps set on 11. The tone is exactly right for machining metal without doing any fiddling.

The Cool Cat pedals range in price from $29 to $69 and much more go to:

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