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dbx DriveRack® PX Powered Speaker Optimizer

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dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer

Specifically designed to optimize and enhance powered speaker systems, the new DriveRack® PX Powered Speaker Optimizer includes a dbx M2 measurement mic and uses Auto-EQ to correct for audible deficiencies in the room environment. For recording studios or critical listening spaces, more accurate sounding speaker systems and acoustically better rooms are as easy as plugging in the mic and touching a few buttons on this unit.

In the case of live sound applications, dbx's patented Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS™) kills harsh feedback, allowing problem-free operation at higher sound levels. I liked the patented sub harmonic synthesizer for extending the bass response--especially for enhancing the deficient bottom end of small speakers. The gentle PeakStopPlus™ limiting fully protects the speaker drivers without sacrificing overall sound quality.

DriveRack PX supports most JBL® and other popular powered speaker brands with either stereo or mono subwoofers. It's simplicity, ease of use and minimal setup using Auto-EQ and the AFS Wizard make it a winner especially at the $399.95 MSRP. Check for more information.

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