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The Dymo Discpainter is about the size of an index cardholder and fits on your desktop. It prints high-resolution images (three print quality levels possible up to 1200 dpi) directly onto inkjet printable CD or DVD discs using the patented RadialPrint™ technology. It prints from the inner hub to outer edge in full-color as the disc spins.

I tried out Discpainter after installing the included Discus for Dymo software into my office iMac and connecting the unit using the USB cable provided. The software is intuitive and I was printing CD graphics and labels in minutes using any of the software's dozen canvases as a background and, using the photo collage tool, my studio's logo and other photos as foreground. Up to 16 photos can be printed on the disc and you can also use programs like Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, QuarkXpress® or SureThing™ to design disc art. It uses an easy to install single-cartridge ink system that prints about 100 discs per cartridge, including mini-discs.

The Dymo DiscPainter kit includes: PC and MAC compatible Discus for Dymo software, quick-start instructions, USB 2.0 cable, AC power supply, three inkjet printable discs, and a single full-color ink cartridge to get you going. I found this unit the easiest way to print permanently on a disc. It's much better than printing labels and fumbling around trying to stick them neatly on discs.

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