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Aerielle i2i Wireless Streaming

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Aerielle's i2i Wireless Streaming

At first I didn't get this one but as soon as I woke up to its usefulness, I was using the i2i stream units all the time in my studio. An i2i system consists (at its simplest) of a pair of transceivers; one set to transmit, sends music audio from any source out on a 2.4GHz radio frequency up to 30 feet away to a second i2i Stream transceiver set to receive. The audio is transmitted in full CD quality with no compression or compromised bandwidth and you can buy additional units to receive the transmitted signal in multiple locations at the same time. The units also have batteries rechargeable from your computer's USB port.

Up to seven different, color-coded frequencies are selectable on each transceiver so you can avoid interfering with the many other wireless devices in the vicinity such as Bluetooth headsets, cordless phones or baby monitors. There are enough cables included for both units to connect to iPods or any other media player, computers, televisions, game consoles or, in my case, my Pro Tools audio output. On the receive end, you can drive a set of powered speakers or a set of headphones.

Aerielle's i2i Wireless Streaming My mixing clients can hear their mix on their own iPod ear buds: they simply plug into the i2i unit set to receive the signal coming from the i2i transmitter back at my Pro Tools rig.

At $99.95, a pair of i2i units is a great way to extend wirelessly the music playing on your living room stereo or computer's iTunes player to any other room in the house or just to your own ear buds. Much more at

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