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Synthogy Ivory Virtual Grand Pianos 1.7

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Synthogy Ivory Virtual Grand Piano

Now at version 1.7, Ivory has become the defacto standard--the yardstick by which all other virtual grand pianos are measured. It's no wonder to me now since I've installed this software into my Pro Tools rig and tried all three of the beautiful grand pianos.

Requiring six DVD-ROMs to load, Ivory features over 4,000 pristine piano samples (nearly 41GB) that faithfully recreate every nuance of the venerable German Steinway® D 9' Concert Grand, Bösendorfer® 290 Imperial Grand and Yamaha® C7 Grand. Ivory is powered by Synthogy's proprietary 32-bit sample-playback and DSP engine which was specifically built from the ground up to bring out the resonance, response and character of each of these classic instruments.

All 88 keys of each piano were individually sampled in up to ten dynamic levels, including the extended low octave on the mighty Bösendorfer. Invisible to the player, this totally user-friendly software uses Synthogy's Sympathetic String Resonance DSP to provide realistic damper pedal response and also guarantee each 32-bit sample's to fully sustain without looping. Timbre interpolation technology allows for ultra-smooth velocity and note transition.

For producing non-traditional piano recordings and performances, Ivory comes with special effects including Ambience, Chorus and EQ. I liked that I could customize, name and save user preferences for Timbre, Stereo Width and Perspective, Velocity Response, Mechanical Key Noise, Tuning and more. Synthogy Ivory Virtual Grand Piano Screen Shot

Ivory sells for $349 and is available for AU, VST and RTAS, on both Mac OS X (10.4 and 10.5) and Windows XP and Vista. It uses the iLok dongle system. Visit or

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