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McDSP FutzBox

For Pop music producers it seems that in the last few years distortion and noise have become our "friends." The deliberate addition of distortion and noise to heretofore-pristine vocals, percussion loops or other sounds can imply anger, aggression, attitude or angst. Depending on the exact lyrical context and the nature of the distortion, moods reflecting mystery, creepiness, or a circumspective presence can also be intimated within a song.

Veteran DAW plug-in company McDSP has Futzbox--an all-in-one distortion and noise plug-in that runs in MACs and PCs under TDM and RTAS formats. Futzbox has seven sections that in various combinations produce every nuance of noise and distortion--there is even a library of Synthetic Impulse Models or SIMs that provide a choice of dozens of models of speakers from P.A.s to table radios to Hi-Fi speakers to cordless telephones to play any track's sound through.

Once I selected an old telephone for my vocal track where I wanted it to sound like an irate music fan calling into a radio station, I then selected the low pass/high pass Filter section to narrow the fidelity even more and then, in the Distortion section, I adjusted the amount and type of distortion. I could also add continuous static noise as if the caller is far away (on the moon maybe) and then simulate a flaky connection with a random on/off effect using the ultra sensitive noise gate section.

In short Futzbox has everything you need to turn perfectly well recorded music tracks into the lowest form of audio trash. I love it and I'm sure film/TV audio post-production mixers will love tailoring dialog to fit any scene. Futzbox is $495 downloadable from

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