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McDSP NF575 Noise Filter Plug-in

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McDSP NF575 Noise Filter Plug-in

A notch filter is an audio processor that removes a tiny chunk of the audio spectrum without harming or significantly changing the overall sound. As a record mixer, I get songs recorded and produced in less than ideal situations. Sometimes hum and/or noises are inadvertently recorded on guitar and vocal tracks. McDSP's NF575 plug-in runs in DAWS under both TDM and RTAS formats in either MACs and PCs and will remove hum and noises completely without detriment to the instrument's or vocal's sound.

The NF575 has five notch filters each tunable over a wide frequency range and capable of deep 40dB notches. The five notches are also harmonically linkable to take care of fixed frequency noises such as 60Hz hum. For that guitar track with excessive 60Hz line hum, there is a preset that not only cuts the fundamental 60Hz hum but also gets rid of the 2nd (120Hz), 3rd (180Hz), 4th (240Hz), and 5th (300Hz) harmonics.

Besides fixing problems, I found the NF575 great for interesting filter effects on vocals and loops because of its double precision processing and ultra low latency. You can attenuate sets of certain frequency bands to purposely produce a "comb filter" effect not possible with most equalizers. The additional high and low pass filters are both fully parametric with slopes of up to 36dB/octave and work well to limit a track's frequency response for either eliminating problems at either end of the spectrum or making a track sound old fashioned or broken. Like all the McDSP plug-ins, the extensive interface graphics show what the processor is doing at all times. The NF575 is $495 and is downloadable at

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