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Mills Acoustics Cabinets

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Mills Acoustics Cabinets

Mills Acoustics' Pro-Tour guitar cabs come in either 4X12 or 2X12 versions and exclusively with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. More than three years of road testing and prototyping went into their development with a special focus on construction methods, materials, cab sizes and shapes, and acoustical enhancements. Mills Acoustics' innovative Afterburner internal ported-baffle design effectively does three things. First it locks the rear panel in phase with the speaker baffle greatly reducing the internal wave patterns that are produced inside typical sealed cabs. This solves the scooped mids and burning highs problems common in 4X12 cabinets. The Afterburner baffle acts as a diffuser between the speakers without having to chamber them in separate enclosures. Finally, it turns out that all of this extra baffling greatly strengthens the cabinet making it more rigid and neutral sounding--adding no extra sound to the speakers themselves.

Other salient features that make these speakers brutes include: 18mm thick, 13-ply Baltic birch is used for the sides and baffles; dimensions are slightly oversized in height, width and depth; steel reinforced inside cabinet corners that are screwed in--not riveted; plug-in casters with rubber feet; and the heavy steel recessed handles are through-bolted to back plates. Lastly, they are covered in elephant hide Tolex using a "forever" solvent-based glue.

Mills Acoustics' Afterburner 412A or B sells for $1299MSRP and the Mach 212B is $899MSRP. All products are sold discounted factory-direct from their website and through mail-order. For more information, visit their web site at

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