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Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices And Tools from Focal Press

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Mixing Audio from Focal Press

Author Roey Izhaki minces no words when he starts this book by stating, "Mixing is an Art." As an record mixer myself, I have to agree that often people perceive mixing music as a kind recipe-driven process: add a little bass, sprinkle a little reverb over the drums, compress the vocal and add EQ and magically you've got a mix---yeah right! So it was with great pleasure that I "flew" through Mixing Audio grabbing as much information as possible. Mostly information that I usually already knew but wanted to read about to verify my "feelings" while mixing music and how they apply to the process.

Like myself, Izhaki takes a very linear approach to the actual, nuts and bolts of the process so as to reserve creative energies for the most rewarding part: creating an unique listening experience that draws in the listener and fits the music and song. Throughout the book are other reading references, fairly current records to study, plus over 2,000 audio samples on an included DVD-ROM that illustrate many of the processing techniques you'll learn.

I especially like that the book is nearly DAW agnostic: examples of hardware mixing consoles and virtual mixers inside of Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, and Pro Tool mixing environments are all shown. Clearly the focus of this book is to learn the fundamental concepts and techniques to improve your mixing and then take it to the next level by developing a mixing vision. You'll learn how to craft and evaluate your mixing using proven, step-by-step analysis.

An amazing book for beginner to expert, Mixing Audio: Practices, Concepts, and Tools is one of the first books I've read that clearly connects the art of mixing with the science. It's from Focal Press and for more information,

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