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The Musician's Guide To Pro Tools

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The Musician's Guide To Pro Tools

The second edition of The Musician's Guide To Pro Tools by veteran John Keane updates to conform to Pro Tools version 7.3. Since Keane's first edition covered PT ver 5, so much new functionality has been added to this now defacto standard DAW of the music business, that Keane has his work cut out.

Like the previous edition, a CD-ROM comes with the book with PT session files but now includes plug-in demos, academic versions of Chapters 1 through 4 and .pdf files of Appendix B--i.e. Function and Quick key labels you can glue to your QWERTY computer keyboard.

I like that this book neither dumb downs Pro Tools or goes over your head with technical jargon. Part one's Chapters 1 through 5 take you from installing and getting comfortable with the program by starting a new session, overdubbing and then basic editing and mixing. You could stop after this section and know about as much as most Pro Tool owners.

Part two goes real world with an actual tracking session by a local band. Good professional Pro Tools work habits are established to make the process go as smooth as possible when Keane tackles all the typical issues encountered when recording an inexperienced Rock band. This is really a producer lesson as we see how to deal with fixing the drums, bass and guitar performances and sound quality issues.

Part three gets you familiar with loops, altering the song's arrangement, fattening the drum kit, setting up cue mixes, creating faux double tracked performances, and vocal comping and tuning to name some of the highlights. There is also a very comprehensive chapter on advanced mixing techniques that offers an insider trick or two.

I found The Musician's Guide To Pro Tools to be an excellent handbook with loads of tutorial reference and troubleshooting information any Pro Tools user from beginner to seasoned pro can use everyday--it's a first go-to book in my studio library! It sells for $39.95MSRP and is available from McGraw-Hill Osborne.

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