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Musinaut MXP4 Music Delivery Format

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Musinaut has the MXP4 or Multiplied Experience Platform in 4D "container" file format for music files that provides listeners, using the MXP4 Player (free download for PCs or MACs), access to new entertainment content beyond just the song itself. Aimed at the music producer/artist to enrich the listener's experience, a single MXP4 file has all the information necessary for full, user-determined interactivity using the original version of the song plus multiple mixes or "Skins", various graphics and text specific to the current Skin.

Musinaut MXP4 Music Delivery Format
The MXP4Creator software (free trial authorization until Dec. '08 $499 beginning Jan. '09) accepts WAV, AIFF, or REX file formats to create multiple "skins" of music compositions plus allows for the importation and insertion of graphics and running textual dialogs. "Skins" can be thought of as layers of a song and not just different song versions or mixes. Within the software, you can pre-mix elements (tracks) of your song to create different sections such as alternate solos or foreign language vocals. The more variation in the mood of these different sections, the greater imbued value of the MXP4 song file to the listener. Musinaut MXP4 Music Delivery Format
The real fun starts with the MXP4 Player where sections of different Skins can be selected "on the fly"--effectively you are customizing the song's playback in a virtually new way every time. Each Skin will hold different text such as lyrics, messages or alternate lyrics and different graphics to suit your mood or interests. Much more about this whole new paradigm for music delivery at: Musinaut MXP4 Music Delivery Format

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