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Neutrik crystalCON Connectors

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Neutrik crystalCON Connectors Neutrik crystalCON Connectors Neutrik crystalCON Connectors

Function over form is always good but Neutrik bends around that premise with their new line of crystalCON connectors. These are Neutrik best-selling XX series XLR's (NC3FXX and NC3MXX) and 1/4-inch plugs (NP2X) "blinged out" with Swarovski Element crystals. These very bright stones are solidly mounted in a spiral arc around the connector's case.

For the stage, the female XLR is an instant and easy way to dress up any handheld mic while the gold-shaft, 1/4-inch plug adds a touch of sparkle to any guitar or amp. crystalCON connectors are immediate light and eye catchers and each comes in a cigarette "flip-top" box complete with a protective pouch for keeping the connector like new when the cable is stored.

I made up an XLR mic cable for use in my studio and it has become an instant conversation piece when artists visit to record. Even on a studio mic hung from an overhead boom for vocal overdubs, they add fun and a festive look.

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