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Pearl Vision Series

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Pearl Vision Series

Pearl's Vision series now includes a 100% maple shell pack called the VMX (pictured) with matching snare drum. The 100% birch set is called the VBX and comes with a Steel SensiTone snare drum and full hardware. The Vision series also has the VSX and VX drumsets, which both have the original Vision birch ply shell. VMX and VBX each come in five unique lacquer finishes, while VSX features the ultra exotic Delmar coverings and VX goes with the more traditional solid color wraps.

For a balanced sound, Vision drumsets feature two different shell thicknesses: six plies on rack toms and eight plies on bass drums and floor toms. Pearl calls it "6/8 Technology" figuring that lower frequencies require greater energy to project equally to match the higher (and louder) frequencies produced by smaller drums.

The two-ply heads on VMX, VBX and VSX are easier to tune, and deliver full sound right out of the box. Except for the Vision Maple shell pack, Vision drumsets feature Pearl's M.I.P.A. (Music Industry Press Association) award-winning 900 series hardware. MSRP Pricing is as follows: VMX at $1,599; VBX at $1,499; VSX at $1,399; and VX at $1,249. More at

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