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Planet Waves Chromatic Tuners

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Planet Waves Chromatic Tuners

Planet Waves has two new chromatic tuners, the Universal II Chromatic at $24.99 and the (pictured) Metronome Tuner at $49.99. The Universal II is based on the original Universal Chromatic Tuner and has both chromatic or manual modes and a large, easy-to-read LCD readout.

The Metronome Tuner keeps you playing in perfect time with its full-featured metronome and onboard tempo, beats, and time division variations. It has an accurate chromatic meter-style tuner, with an oversized LCD readout.

Both tuners have built-in condenser microphones, 1/4-inch input jacks and include batteries. The Metronome Tuner has a headphone jack for practicing to the click without bothering others. For more information on Planet Waves, please visit

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