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Planet Waves Modular Snakes

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Planet Waves Modular Snakes

Planet Waves makes interconnecting the every growing number of high-tech processors easier than ever with their Custom Pro Cable Line and the Modular Snake System. This system is also perfect for connecting equipment used for your live performance--like guitar pedal boards or big computer/keyboard systems.

The picture above shows the two halves of a typical modular system. On the right is the DB25 Core cable available in five, ten, and 25-foot lengths. The package on the left has a set of eight; straight 1/4-inch TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) plugs in a breakout or fan-out set. Breakouts also come in 1/4-inch mono straight or right angle instrument plugs, 8-XLR females, 8-XLR males and XLR combos featuring 4 male and 4 female connectors. Simply decide what connectors you need at each end and how long a cable is required and then buy and assemble it. It's the closest thing to a custom wiring installation you can get.

At this price point, you'd think the connectors and wire would be bargain-basement quality but Planet Waves uses only Amphenol gold-plated plugs with the patented "jaws" cable retention system for solid signal transfer and strain relief. The proprietary multi-pair cable features oxygen-free copper conductors and two layers of impenetrable shielding in a low-noise, low-signal loss construction.

The Planet Waves Modular Snake System retails for $59.99 to $159.99. Go to:

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