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PreSonus FireStudio Project

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PreSonus FireStudio Project

PreSonus expands their line of single rack space digital converters and DAW/audio interface units with FireStudio Project. FireStudio is a Firewire interface with eight Class-A XMAX microphone pre-amps, MIDI I/O, and multi-channel analog and stereo digital audio I/O. PreSonus has improved their A/D/D/A converters with JetPLL--a jitter-free phase lock loop--for improved stereo imaging and clarity.

FireStudio Project comes ready to record--complete with a copy of Steinberg's Cubase LE 4 48-track recording and production software; a 2GB collection of loops and samples from Discrete Drums, Twiddly Bits and Cycling '74; BFD Lite virtual drummer; and plug-in processors like Camel Crusher and Masterverb LE. Add a fast computer, some mics and headphones and you'll be recording you and/or your band in no time.

With the new zero latency FireControl Mixer/Router software, up to five individual mixes are possible so each musician in your tracking session will have their own custom headphone mix. There is a front panel headphone jack and level controls for both the phones and the monitor mix going to your control room speakers.

I immediately like the front panel's individual three-LED level meters with easy to set mic gain controls for each of the eight inputs. I also think the eight, front panel mounted XLR combi input jacks that accept either pro XLR cables or 1/4-inch TRS instrument cables are a great feature.

Also very pro are the eight analog outputs in addition to the Main L/R Monitor outputs--these allow the unit to interface other analog gear or provide separate mix stems or audio feeds for live work and TV/Film work. There are also handy S/PDIF In/Out digital connections if you want to record to or playback from digital sources. FireStudio "clocks" from your DAW over the Firewire connection and works up to 96kHz sample rates at 24-bit resolution. A front panel blue FW indicator shows the unit is synchronized.

Complete with a 2-hour video tutorial DVD called Cubase LE 4 Demystified, the FireStudio Project sells for $699MSRP. For a whole lot more go to:

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