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PreSonus FireStudio Tube

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PreSonus FireStudio Tube

FireStudio Tube is a project studio nexus--connect a DAW-capable computer, a few mics, headphones and speakers and you're ready to record a room full of musicians anywhere. PreSonus uses innovations developed for the FireStudio, FireStudio Project, DigiMax 96, and D8 to make the FireStudio Tube their premier 24-bit/96kHz DAW Firewire audio interface.

FireStudio Tube allows for 16 channels of simultaneously record and playback using ten microphone pre-amps and six line level inputs. Up to six outputs are provided for up to five separate, zero-latency control room monitoring and headphone mixes--all accomplished using the included 16X10 FireControl mixer/router software.

The feature list is too long to fully list here and begins with two SuperChannels--class-A 12AX7 tube mic pre-amps with the ultra-fast VCA-based limiters from the DigiMax 96. I would use these for vocals, acoustic guitars or bass guitar recordings. For all the drums and guitars, the same eight class-A XMAX microphone pre-amps from the D8 work great while the six balanced TRS line inputs take care of any keyboard/sampler/turntable audio.

PreSonus FireStudio Tube
PreSonus FireStudio Tube

Other features that make this the most cost-effective system available are: A/D/A converters with a dynamic range of over 114dB; patented JetPLL™ clock jitter reduction technology; MIDI in/out; included software such as Steinberg's Cubase LE 4 48-track recording and production software, Amplitube's Duo and SVX UNO, EZ Drummer Lite, Acid Xpress and other loop/effects software.

FireStudio Tube is $899 MSRP and for more details and information, go to:

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