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Sabian APX Cymbals

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Sabian APX Cymbals

The new APX line of Sabian cymbals go to "11"! Sabian calls these cymbals a "High-Decibel" design that are super-bright, intensely loud with a focused response. It is said that these APX cymbals can be heard in or over any style of music, but are especially good for cutting through very loud guitars at stage volumes. Being louder also means you don't have to play them as hard in your typical playing style. To create this efficiency, Sabian developed a new production process that also lends a unique appearance to these cymbals. In addition to ride, splash, crash, hats, and Chinese in two sizes, the APX series also includes two O-Zone crashes that feature a multi-holed design creating fast, trashy sounds; rock-heavy solid models for the most intense response; and 'sonically matched' pre-packs in two variations. There are 14-inch hats, 16-inch crash, and a 20-inch ride or try the 14-inch hats with an 18-inch crash and a 22-inch ride. There is also the Effects Pack with a 10-inch splash and 18-inch Chinese.

All APX cymbals come with a two-year warranty and for much more, visit:

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