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Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series

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Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series

With Tech 21's SansAmp Character Series pedals, it's like having a vintage collection of guitars amps each capable of being "hot-rodded" with a few twists of the knobs. Right now there are five pedals, each with evocative names, whose sound and personality they "borrow" from classic amps that hardly need explanation to any electrical guitar player. Recalling a range of musical eras and signature amp sounds, they are: Blonde, British, California, Liverpool, and VT Bass.

Common to all the pedals are the continuously variable Character controls that set the exact tone within that classic amp's total possible tonal range. Blonde is said to range from a Blackface to CBS-era Silverface. British covers from the Swinging' '60's to modern Screamo while Liverpool takes care of the British Invasion through the May-days of the '70's. VT Bass covers most bass guitar amps from 50-60's studio amps to the big-tube excesses of high gain Rock.

Since all are SansAmp units and come with speaker emulation, you can use them directly in the studio, P.A. or as a pre-amp to a power amp and speaker cabinet. They are all analog and have three-band EQ plus Drive and Level controls.

Each of the SansAmp Character Series pedals sells for $195MSRP and for much more visit:

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