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Cakewalk Sonar 7

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Cakewalk Sonar 7 Sonar 7 has so many updates, additions and improvements (way more than I can ever list here) it is almost a whole new product! Sonar 6 introduced the first 64-bit, double precision mix engine and true 64-bit end-to-end signal path and S7 takes it from there with unlimited number of tracks and up to 192kHz sample rate. Current Sonar users read on!

One major overhaul is in MIDI sequencing with three PRV tools that allow you to configure them (and therefore enhance and speed your workflow) anyway you like. Like a set of master quick keys, up to 20 operations specific to the mode you're currently using can be assigned to each tool. The Microscope mode lets you zoom into 'piano roll' screens to any depth and then you'd use the Smart MIDI Tool to do any editing you want. Controller lanes allow for all MIDI controller data to be edited freely. Drag Quantize is a real-time process that lets you drag any note(s) to any tempo subdivision. For multi-track audio quantizing, Sonar has AudioSnap™.

The powerful Step Sequencer handles up to 16 steps with 64 beats per pattern possible and readily accepts sequences done in Sonar's main sequencer for further enhancement. Both the main and the Step Sequencer play sounds from any MIDI'd source or the virtual instruments included with the program. They are: Dimension LE (with Garritan Pocket Orchestra), Z3TA waveshaping synth, Drop Zone sampler, Rapture LE, PSYN™II, and Pentagon™ I analog synth.

The mixer now allows for internal sidechain processing using the VC-64 Vintage Channel, the Sonitus Surround compressor, Sonitus:fx gate or any compatible 3rd party VST plug-in you may have already installed. Furthermore, external analog outboard or instruments can be used in your mix using automatic delay compensation. Once your mix is good using the true linear phase plug-ins like the LP-64 EQ and/or LP-64 Multiband compressor/limiter and maybe further affected with the Lexicon Pantheon Reverb and/or Voxengo's Perfect Space Convolution reverb, master it using Sonar 7's new mastering tools including the Boost 11 Peak Limiter.

Other great new things are: Surround mixing in over 30 formats; POW-r dithering; Roland V-Vocal™ 1.5 VariPhrase processor now with pitch to MIDI; and RXP™ Groove instrument with REX file support. SONAR 7 Producer Edition sells for $619 MSRP while, SONAR 7 Studio Edition is $369 U.S. Both run on Win XP/Vista and over multiple core systems. For more information, go to:

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