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Sonar 8 from Cakewalk

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Sonar 8 from Cakewalk Sonar 8 arrives as a spectacular update but also as the software engine to the new Cakewalk/Roland's Sonar V-Studio 700--a complete hardware and software music production studio. Sonar 8 improves over Sonar 7 with complete Vista as well as Windows XP support for both 32 and 64-bit capable PCs. Other big changes are: higher track counts with lower latency, anytime recording, Loop Explorer 2.0, clip selection groups, and many editing, performance and interface optimizations.

There are now 14 virtual instruments including Beatscape, a 16 part "drum pad" loop performance instrument; Dimension Pro; Rapture LE synth; Z3TA+1.5 wavetable synth; TruePianos Amber VSTi; DropZone, a Rex format sampler; Roland's GrooveSynth; and Session Drummer 2 with many great drum patterns to get you started.

There are also many new plug-ins that are VST-based and will leave you not wanting to buy more. Plug your guitar in and record through Native Instruments' Guitar Rig 3 LE and then get your percussion spanking with the TS-64 Transient Shaper and finally smoothly compress vocals with the TL-64 Tube Leveler. You can now have separate mono hardware outputs, solo mode with solo override, live effects and soft synth recording. Sonar 8 comes with a vast amount of content such as DSSF Classic Keys and Hollywood Edge FX for the Dimension Pro synth.

As usual with Sonar updates, way more I can get into here so check out: and also visit to see videos of the amazing V-Studio system.

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