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Audio Ease Speakerphone Audio Ease Speakerphone

Audio Ease, makers of the Altiverb convolution reverb plug-in, now makes Speakerphone. A plug-in that runs Native in RTAS, AU, and VST hosts, Speakerphone is an impulse response speaker emulator, convolution reverb and sample player with library all in one.

I loaded Speakerphone into my Pro Tools rig and it immediately went to work in my next mix. Speakerphone comes with over five hundred of responses of nearly every speaker or device with a speaker known to man. Often during a mix, a bass or guitar does not sound right--it sounds too clean or worst yet, sounds like the wrong amp tone. With Speakerphone I scrolled through guitar amp speaker sounds until I found the perfect complimentary speaker to the guitar or bass part.

Speakerphone will become a defacto standard amongst TV/Film post production because the sound of all the different telephones, transistor radios, walkie-talkies, cell phones--with bad connections too, bullhorns, PA systems, gramophones, old TV sets, two-way radio gear and much more are offered. Simply put, if you want dry audio to sound like it's coming from a kid's talking doll AND from the other room, you can do it with Speakerphone.

I loved that in addition to changing the sound like it's coming from an electronic household appliance like a clock radio, you can add background ambience appropriate (or not) to that sonic character. There is a big list presented in the huge GUI and you can build up whole collages by turning on more than one at a time. If you have a dry recording of an announcer you want to sound like you'd hear at an airport, use one of the many public address speakers and then add airport terminal ambiences. There is also a complete effects section for adding distortion, compression, EQ, modulation effects, room sounds from Altiverb, gating, radio tuning, delay, reduced sample rate, and bit crushing.

In my record mixes, telephoning vocals is fresh again because of all the ambiences and colors you can add and all the post processing you can add. A big important winner for me, Speakerphone is one of the best plug-ins ever. Download Speakerphone for $495MSRP. Great demos and more information at:

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