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SPL Transient Designer Plug-In

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SPL Transient Designer Plug-In

One of four new Analog Code™ plug-ins from Sound Performance Labs, the Transient Designer follows closely in operation and sound to the original hardware version I've used for years. First invented by SPL, the TD essentially modifies the attack and release portion of a sound. On snare, kick or any percussive instrument, the Transient Designer will increase or decrease the attack or the "front" of the sound by up to 15dB and, at the same time, offer up to 24dB of amplification or attenuation of the release portion--all the sound right after the initial hit.

If your snare drum does not have enough "pop" or "stick" in the sound, TD will only amplify that moment in the sound's evolution. Although especially good for both kicks and snare drums, TD works well on "funkafied" guitar tracks--bright and clean rhythm guitar tracks popular in R&B songs.

I like using two TDs on a single mono drum loop. I'll pan their outputs left and right and set the TD on one side to slow attack and short release and then reverse those settings with fast attack and long release for the same loop pan on the other side. You'll get a fascinating animation effect.

Other good uses for SPL's Transient Designer include: reducing recorded reverb or excessive room sound on any track--reverb sponge; minimize leakage between instruments on separate tracks; and greatly increase apparent brightness without adding the stridency of an equalizer.

SPL's Transient Designer plug-in sells for $280 MSRP and is available in RTAS, VST and AU versions. TDM versions are soon to follow. Check

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