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Surround Sound--Up And Running by Tomlinson Holman

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Surround Sound--Up And Running by Tomlinson Holman

When Holman published his first edition eight years ago, modern surround sound record production was still a nascent craft practiced by veteran engineer/mixers with almost a 'cowboy' disregard for any standardization or consistent presentation format. Holman was and is still one of the principal guiding lights in his tireless efforts to bring surround sound to commercial reality as a viable music delivery format. A considerable task since lately the consumption of music as migrated from the comfortable living room to "on the go" via the iPod or cell phone.

Surround Sound starts with a brief history of surround sound going back to the 1930's and Walt Disney. The next chapter talks about one of the biggest issues both technically and aesthetically--monitoring and how it affects everything--from the engineer's mix to our enjoyment of the music itself. This naturally leads to a whole chapter on another subject mostly misunderstood even by recording engineers--multichannel microphone techniques. I found both these chapters very interesting and so vital to the understanding and producing music for surround. Chapter four deals with mixing and studio operations. This is a lesson on how to reconfigure a conventional recording studio designed for stereo mixing into a 5.1 or more channel surround facility. Holman makes equipment recommendations, monitor speaker and equipment requirements, track layout protocols, post-production delivery formats, and more. There is even a case study provided and suggestions for DVD music video mixing. Surround Sound finishes with a chapter on Delivery Formats including coding, Metadata, the Dolby specs like DialNorm and Dynamic Range Compression and audio for Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs. Finally an interesting treatise on psychoacoustics is found in Chapter 6.

Surround Sound--Up And Running is a practical guide for anyone interested in producing and mixing music in this exciting format. It's $29.95MSRP from Focal Press, an imprint of Elsevier.

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