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URS M-Series Plug-In Equalizers

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URS M Series EQ Bundle
URS M Series EQ Bundle

Unique Recording Software has the new M Series EQ bundle that comes with two plug-ins: The URS MotorCity seven-band EQ and the URS Vintage Cinema seven-band EQ. These plug-ins run in DAWS in either TDM or in Native versions including RTAS, AU, and VST formats for both PPC and Intel Mac OSX with WinXp/Vista support coming soon.

MotorCity EQ replicates the legendary and exceedingly now rare 7-band passive equalizers used exclusively by Motown staff engineers during the heady days of Motown Records.

In 1965, Motown artists were already recording to Motown's custom eight-track tape decks years before the Beatles and Beach Boys who were still using four track machines. A big reason for the unique "Motown Sound" was that Motown's engineers preferred to record "flat" or without EQ and then in the mixdown process, run each track through a separate equalizer. Motown engineers designed the Motown equalizer for this purpose and just enough were produced to equip each eight-track studio until 1968 when 32 additional Motown EQs were built--16 for each of the new, state-of-the-art 16-track studios. The original units were the first equalizers to use Proportional Q where the Q or "quality" of the equalizer filter changes proportionately with the amount of boost or cut. A small boost/cut of any frequency produces a subtle, broad effect while greater boost/cuts, because they have a higher Q, produce a much more dramatic effect.

The Vintage Cinema Equalizer recreates the very rare 6-band passive equalizers used in professional cinema audio work. The original vintage hardware units from the 1930's are the first equalizers ever made with six bands--80Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1.25kHz, 3.2kHz and 8kHz. URS added a necessary seventh-band at 16kHz--good idea! You can build an EQ with fourteen overlapping bands by using both the Vintage Cinema EQ and the MotorCity EQ together in your DAW.

The M Series Bundle sells for $499 in TDM/RTAS, AU, VST or $249 for Native RTAS, AU, VST formats only. URS offers a great upgrade deal for Everything EQ and Compressor Bundle owners at

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