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VirSyn Prism Pitch Designer Plug-In

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VirSyn Prism Pitch Designer

Prism is a frequency shifter plug-in for VST3, RTAS and AU host DAW systems. Frequency shifters I've used in the past shifted all frequencies by the same amount and produced inharmonic, metallic and non-musical results. Prism splits the spectrum in 27 frequency bands and applies different amounts of frequency shifting to each band to achieve sonorous and harmonic pitch shifting. You can shift up to +/- five octaves.

I installed Prism into my Pro Tools rig and started using it on a song I was mixing. I shifted the tom-tom drums tracks about five semi-tones down making the wimpy and high pitch rack toms sound like cannons but without losing any of the transient attack portion of sound. I next automated Prism's F-Shift knob (controls how far up or down the frequencies are shifted) to mimic the sound of stopping an old analog tape deck in the middle of a song. I used this only for the last chord before the chorus' downbeat that my two main guitar tracks played. This sounds like a giant whammy bar dive bomb!

Finally, for the last note of the song's end, I put a stereo version of Prism across the stereo bus and automated another downward slide (full 24 semi-tones). At that moment, the entire song "dies" sounding like someone "sat" on the record on my turntable--or as if the power plug was pulled out--awesome! Prism sells for about EU125 and to buy it or for more about it, check:

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