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VirSyn Reflect Reverb Plug-in

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VirSyn Reflect Reverb Plug-in

The are two ways to create reverberation in software: algorithmically where complex mathematical expressions are performed on the audio--good sounding and by changing the math, the reverb sound changes; and convolution where actual samples (called impulse responses) of acoustic spaces are used as models and applied to the audio--more realistic but harder to modify without changing the impulse themselves.

VirSyn Software Synthesizer is a new German software company with a fresh take on DAW plug-in software. Reflect is an algorithmic reverberation plug-in which combines the flexibility of vintage algorithmic reverbs with the sonic quality of convolution-based reverbs. Somehow Reflect uses impulse responses from real acoustic spaces plus classical reverb algorithms to emulate their acoustical properties.

I installed Reflect in my Pro Tools rig and was immediately impressed by the great sound, easy parameter editing and the vast collection of very useful presets. Especially good and usually missing from other reverb plug-in preset lists were all the short ambience presets. This 'scarcity' is due to the considerable effort required to simulate and integrate the important early reflections together with a smooth and colorless reverberation tail. Early reflections are the most important clues for the human ear to understand and feel the dimensions and character of a room's ambience.

In addition to great chambers, plates and rooms, there are many small spaces offered like closets, bathrooms, living rooms as well as huge spaces such as arenas and car parks. Reflect is a must-have for any person creating film/TV effects or Foley effects. For my record mixes, many times I find Reflect's short and small ambiences better than delays. They are just the ticket for vocals or guitars where I want a sense and feeling of space but not a noticeable reverb or delay slap. Reflect is available in VST3, AU and RTAS formats for PC and MACs and uses SyncroSoft dongle authorization. It sells for $245MSRP and is downloadable only at:

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