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Yamaha Pocketrak 2G Pocket Recorder

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Yamaha Pocketrak 2G Pocket Recorder

One the coolest things in the smallest package I saw at the last Winter's 2008 NAMM Show was Yamaha's Pocketrak 2 G. Of all the new digital recorders that were at the show, this one wins as the smallest and most musician-friendly. There is 2GB worth of built-in memory, super-long battery life, easy USB file transfer and Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software.

Depending on your specific recording needs, the Pocketrak will record in CD-quality PCM .WAV or in MP3 formats. It will playback both those formats as well as Windows Media (WMA) format. The built-in rechargeable AAA nickel-hydrogen battery allows the unit to record 19 hours of MP3 audio. Plugging the cool-working sliding USB connector into a powered USB bus will simultaneously recharge the battery and transfer all files to a PC or Mac.

The 2G is the only portable recorder I saw with an actual on-board speaker in addition to a headphone jack. I found it very handy when you just want to find and quickly audition some audio without digging out a set of ear buds. Accessories included are: a USB extension cable, stereo earphones, a leather carrying case and stand adapter, as well as a copy of an "Advanced Integration" version of Steinberg Cubase digital audio workstation software designed for Yamaha hardware. Among other tools, you can use Cubase AI to convert any audio files into Windows Media.

The Pocketrak 2G sells for $449MSRP and for more information, visit

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