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Handbook For Sound Engineers 4th Edition from Focal Press

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Handbook For Sound Engineers 4th Edition from Focal Press Six years has elapsed since the 3rd Edition of Handbook For Sound Engineers and the 4th edition manages to add so much new and current information that it is editorially impressive that it is physically smaller, to retain its desk top friendliness, yet runs to just under 1,800 pages--about 300 more than the previous edition.

The same format of having audio's foremost scientists, engineers and educators write individual chapters is used again--a feature that I think greatly adds to the readability and universal appeal of this core reference tome. A nice surprise is a short history of audio--an audio "who's who" that makes up the very first chapter in Part 1 called "Audio and Acoustic DNA--Do You Know Your Audio and Acoustic Ancestors."

Ballou maintains the former edition's general seven-part hierarchy but adds many new chapter authors to explain the newest developments in the art and science of audio and sound. The seven parts retain their original names and are: Acoustics, Electronic Components, Electroacoustic Devices, Electronic Audio Circuits and Equipment, Recording and Playback, Design Applications, and Measurements.

Looking over Chapter 16 on microphones, there are many more examples of newer microphones such as the Holophone, hydrophones, the new USB-based microphones plus much more on wireless microphone systems. The already huge Chapter 25 on Consoles and Computers adds a lot of new information covering DAWs, plug-ins, mixing "in the box", and audio or TCP/IP.

The same "mixture" of highly technical writings combined with practical, anecdotal information that worked so well in the 3rd Edition wins again here making Handbook For Sound Engineers 4th Edition the defacto "bible" for audiophiles, recording engineers, or anybody looking for authoritative and in-depth answers to audio and sonic questions.

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