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Fostex PM0.4W Powered Monitors

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Fostex PM0.4W Powered Monitors Clean in look and sound, Fostex's PM0.4W Powered Studio Monitors have new, high-gloss white front baffles that set off the black driver units. Fostex says these monitors have a tighter sound with minimal resonance, sparkling highs and rich deep lows. Perfect for desktop computer used, (In case you've been living on a cave these past five years), these days it has become very important now to have good speakers connected to your computer), the PM0.4W is a natural but its superb audio performance and compact physical size does not preclude them from being used on the top of professional music mixing consoles. Actually any studio monitoring applications, permanent audio installations or portable audio monitoring are good calls for the PM0.4W monitors.

Features include: exclusively designed four-inch woofer, 0.65-inch soft dome tweeter, bi-amplifier with active crossover that supplies 18-watts each for woofer and tweeter drivers, and a magnetically shielded design for close placement to video monitors without problems.

The PM0.4W sell for $299 MSRP for a pair. For more information, check:

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