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PSP oldTimer Compressor Plug-in PSP Audioware of Poland has the new oldTimer compressor plug-in that runs in DAWS that support Native (VST, AU, RTAS) in MACs or PCs. This is a track and program compressor that embodies the sound attributes of old tube-based, opto compressors of yesteryear.

I immediately install oldTImer into my Pro Tools rig and found it to be perfect for tracks or whole mixes when I wanted a milder form of level control--nothing extreme or very noticeable. I happen to prefer that oldTimer is NOT based on any particular vintage unit and therefore does NOT exhibit the particular characteristics (the good and bad) of some old unit that is not produced any more.

I loved that you can set the oldTimer to act like a leveling amp similar to the Teletronix/UA LA-2A by setting the Time control, a combined attack and release knob, to a long value and then setting the ratio to 6:1. I also liked that very low compression ratios such as 1.2:1 or 1.5:1 are available for making compression nearly invisible.

I used oldTimer on a kick drum using the preset called Kick Fattener and then on bass guitar using the preset Loud Bass. Most all the presets work nearly perfectly "right out of the box"--you may have to adjust the Compression knob depending on your track's recorded level. (standard stuff)

PSP Audioware's oldTimer uses very little DSP, has a musical sound and is hard to set incorrectly. I like the Clear mode that removes the sound of any vacuum tubes in the virtual modeled circuitry-- vintage operation and sound without much vintage coloration. A great deal at about $99 direct from, you can set oldTimer to pump and wheeze like he's having a heart attack or throttle him back to run like a chilled-out Cadillac on cruise control.

Great fun and a useful tool!

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