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Rick Rubin: In The Studio from ECW Press

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Rick Rubin: In The Studio from ECW Press Sometimes I felt while reading Rick Rubin: In The Studio by Jake Brown, I was intruding or spying on the fascinating and very private world of Rick Rubin. This "fly on the wall" story is mostly told by quoting all the great musicians and recording artists Rubin has made records with starting in the early '80's when he founded Def Jam Records with Russell Simmons.

I (personally) was drawn to Rubin's story after having engineered one session for him and Mick Jagger for the Wandering Spirit album. My first impressions of that project (That it wasn't going well) and certainly Rick (A brilliant and sincere lover of song craft and record making) were confirmed by the many stories about other projects in this book.

Told in chronological order, I traced Rubin's remarkable career path as "producer"--more like a collaborator or co-conspirator--with artists from The Beastie Boys and Public Enemy to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slayer and Johnny Cash. His eclectic tastes seem to be the major asset he brings to whatever project and artist he decides to work with--and, at this point, he can work with whomever he wants.

I found his studio methodologies, process and creative guidance were (unlike most successful record producers) somewhat malleable; they changed uniquely--always bringing a fresh approach to each project in pursuit of what great producers have always done: set the stage (the studio) so that artists and musicians will create and perform their best work.

The story of a true auteur of the recording studio control room, Rick Rubin: In The Studio is an inspirational read for everyone interested in all that goes into the production of great records. Check:

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