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Tech 21 SansAmp Classic 20

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Tech 21 SansAmp Classic 20 In celebration of Tech 21's and SansAmp's 20th anniversary, the new "relic" SansAmp has an exterior design taken from an actual vintage SansAmp pedal used on a world tour by a renowned artist. The main heart of the circuitry and inner workings remain virtually unchanged from the original unit that came out in 1989 and was reviewed here in these pages.

SansAmp designer Andrew Barta (as is the case so many times with forward-thinking innovators) reluctantly went into manufacturing SansAmp after major musical equipment companies turned down his idea. They didn't get that SansAmp was the beginning of a whole new guitar and bass signal processing and direct recording method. Currently, the SansAmp is available in 15 different models, including five in their SansAmp Character Series released in 2008.

The SansAmp Classic 20 retains all the original's functionalities: the bank of eight Character dip switches to adjust tonality, harmonics and dynamics; a three-position input switch for a choice of preamp styles; and four control knobs that shape pre-amp contours, power amp contours, volume and final tone.

The SansAmp Classic 20 sells for about the original's price at $375 MSRP. For much more check:

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