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Mark Tremonti DVD "The Sound and the Story" is a new guitar instructional DVD featuring Mark Tremonti. Tremonti is Alter Bridges' lead guitarist and was guitarist and songwriter for the band Creed. Immediately I have to say this three-hour DVD is one of most enjoyable discs I've seen--it certainly does not feel like a typical tutorial with loads of scales, tablatures and grueling finger exercises.

The main reason for this disc's flow is Mark himself; a seemingly understated and amiable guy who is devoted to playing the guitar. Also endearing is his presentation, talking in his own words in every section including spots on his friends, guitar tech and personal circle of guitar players.

The disc shows Mark playing solos from his popular songs that are also notated in the 30-page included booklet. You'll get Marks' favorite alternate tunings including his versions of the drop tunings required for some of his songs. Not secretive at all like other modern guitar gods, Mark shows off his rigs in complete detail and explains when and why he uses certain amp and effect configurations for clean lead, rhythm, and lead solo playing.

Even on the level of an autobiographical look into the world of Tremonti, "The Sound and the Story" is a brilliant learning experience and inspiration to any up and coming guitarist. Its straightforward and honest presentation had me right after the intro by Paul Reed Smith. Learn more at

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