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Yamaha NCX and NTX Nylon Stringed Guitars

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Yamaha NCX and NTX Nylon guitars Both the NCX and NTX nylon string acoustic-electric acoustic guitars use an A.R.T. transducer-based pre-amp system that recreates the guitar's true acoustic sound from the instrument's natural vibrations. Whether the player performs using a delicate finger picking style or more percussively as in the Flamenco style, it is all captured perfectly. Both the NCX and NTX guitars were designed in collaboration with the popular young guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela.

For a more traditionally-shaped and sounding nylon guitar, choose the NCX (pictured) while the NTX adopts a thin-line body shape and a wider, more modern tonal range with silky and rich mid-frequencies. The instruments have fan-style bracing identical to the designs used on Yamaha's top-of-the-line handcrafted Grand Concert series guitars. But you get all new cosmetics like a striking new headstock shape, warm wood rosettes and a distinctive smiling bridge profile.

The NCX series includes models in both rosewood and flamed maple back and sides and a twelfth-fret neck to body joint. All models come with a traditional 52-mm nut width. The NCX2000R and NCX2000FM are made with solid Hokkaido spruce tops, the NCX1200 features a solid Sitka spruce top and the NCX900FM features a solid Engelmann spruce top.

The NTX series' thinner body, fourteenth-fret neck joint, faster neck profile and a slick cutaway body design make it perfect for a guitarist who wants to keep tradition alive but requires some modern conveniences. Top tone-woods include solid Sitka spruce on the NTX1200R, solid Engelmann spruce on the NTX900 and solid spruce on the NTX700. For more information, visit

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