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AKG Perception Live Series Microphones

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AKG Perception Live Series AKG's Perception Live Series includes the P2 (pictured), P4, P3S, and P5 microphones--all mics for live and studio vocal or instrument use. The P2, P4, and P3S are dynamic instrument cardioid microphones each designed for specific applications.

The P2 is for loud, low frequency-rich instruments such as kick drums and bass guitars. The P4 has a special H 440 bracket case and is useful for toms, percussion, guitar amps and wind instruments. The P3S comes with a special SA 45 stand adapter and is great for instruments and backing vocals. Finally, the P5 has the shape and sound for conveying all the emotion and excitement of any lead singer.

The Perception Live microphones come in a handsome "stage-friendly" scratch resistant finish, a handy carrying case and all feature high maximum SPL capability. Check AKG, a unit of Harman International Industries, Incorporated at

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