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BBE Sound's Sonic Maximizers

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BBE Sound's Sonic Maximizers

Both models of BBE's 482i and 882i Sonic Maximizer signal processors are the very latest versions of the very popular BBE 482 (-10dBv) and BBE 882 (+4dB) stereo units. Over the years they have undergone significant changes and improvements since 2002. These units retain their "overbuilt" design with thick, extruded aluminum faceplates and knurled aluminum control knobs that provide positive feel and control for recording engineers, musicians, live sound mixers and DJs.

Both models use 1% metal film resistors, military-spec printed circuit boards with extra thick traces and higher quality coupling capacitors for the further reduction of smearing distortion. The newly refined multi-band filter smoothly transitions from one filter section to another for 360-degrees of phase rotation through the audio band. This results in a flatter frequency response, better frequency time alignment, and improved clarity and focus in the 300Hz to 3KHz range.

I evaluated the BBE Sound 882i unit patched into my Pro Tools HD system here at my Tones 4 $ Studios. I found the unit most useful for processing entire final mixes before printing them to either an external analog tape machine or back into my Pro Tools rig.

I loved what it brings to the overall sound--it adds an indescribable "polish" and extra clarity to my mixes similar to what a good mastering engineer would do. It's not like equalization or compression but I'm finding it more indispensable everyday especially if my mix is not going to be professionally mastered.

Using the unit is very intuitive with just two sets of matching controls for the left and right channels. Most of the time I ran the Lo Contour straight up at the 12 o'clock position and the Process control somewhere between 12-noon and 1pm depending on how bright my mix already was.

I'm highly recommending the BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer as an excellent addition to any studio. When I am at a loss to know what is missing from the sound, the BBE Sonic Maximizer instantly adds it! More at:

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